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Please complete all information required below. The review, consideration, and processing procedure will vary. Please allow 5-7 days (USA) and up to 2-3 weeks (International). Credential Packet Fees are DUE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION.  In the unlikely case that your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund of all fees rendered.

*ATTENTION:  Please include a PHOTO with the Application submission and copies of any and all credentials previously held under other organizations, if applicable. You may send all documentation by email attachment to: or by fax to: 877-318-6111


Notice - All those desiring to apply for ordination MUST provide at least one credible reference of a person who is currently "ordained" and has known you for at least one - three years.  Please include name, address, telephone number and a valid email address (if applicable). NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Application Process involves forwarding a Reference Questionnaire. Please provide valid contact information to avoid a delay in processing.



Title: (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, etc.,)
Name (First, Middle, Last):
Full Postal Address:
Country or Nation:
Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Please check the appropriate marital status below:
If you selected divorced or remarried, please indicate the number of marriages.
If you are married, does your spouse support your ministry
If you are divorced, please briefly explain the conditions of your divorce.
Please select the type of credentials you are seeking at this time.
Please describe your type of ministry.
Please list the church in which your are currently active in and the Denominational affiliation.
What are your current activities or responsibilities in this church or ministry?
Do you have any other notable achievements that you would like to include?
Have you received any specific training for ministry? If so, please list the Institutes and the courses.
If you are applying for Ordination, will you be willing to accept ministerial training if required?
Do you currently hold ministerial credentials with any other organization? If so, please list the organization(s) and provide copies via email attachment, fax or postal mail.
Do you believe you have been called or commissioned to the ministry? If so, please briefly explain.
Ministry Reference: Please list a ordained minister or credible reference whom you have been acquainted with at least one - three years (no family members accepted). Please, include name, address, phone and email address: (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
Have you read, understood and agree with the following: Statement of Faith, Association Cause, Kingdom Support Commitment & Member Criteria-Responsibilities?
I am remitting my Credential Packet Fee by the following payment method: (Please make all transactions payable to: World Missions Ministerial Association
DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I understand that there is an application process. References will be contacted to affirm ministry and character. You must provide a photo for identification purposes and copies of any and all credentials held under other organizations. The application and or remittance of fees are not guaranteed approval. All fees will be refunded if your request is not approved. Please check to indicate that you have read and understand.
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