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Will my Ordination be accepted as Legal?
YES... In most countries around the world and in all 50 United States our Ordinations are accepted World-wide. We will provide reference letters upon request.

Why should I become ordained? I thought only God could ordained us.
We are subject to laws of man and this law requires that we should be
recorded as legally ordained. Without recorded ordination we will not be recognized as "legally ordained" in man's world.

Is there any other registration required to perform marriages?
In most areas you must get your ordination recorded by the local government to legally perform marriages. You can check at the county or court clerk's office in your area for complete details and legal requirements.

Can I legally start a church?
YES…You can but you must obtain a Church/Ministry Charter to be recognized as a legal organization.

Can I name my church whatever I like?
YES…The Church/Ministry Charters we offer are independent of WMMA and do not require you to list us in any way. Your Church is your own. (NOTE: we will not authorize any denominational names).

Is my ministry automatically Tax Exempt?
NO…You must file for non-profit status with the IRS. Forms are available at your post office. WMMA does not provide this coverage. To do so would require listing all of our ministers with the government. All of our ministers would then fall under governmental scrutiny. Additionally many would seek ordination through us just to receive a tax dodge. If you wish to get more information on NON-PROFIT STATUS in ministry from the IRS please go to:

Why should I get any credentials when I become ordained?
Most areas will require you to record your ordination with the local government to legally perform marriages, etc.  There are other times that you may be asked to show some ID to prove your ordination as well. Check in your local area to find out your particular needs.

If there is NO APPLICATION FEE, why is there a charge to receive the credentials?

There are NO APPLICATION FEES, however we charge for processing and shipping of professional credentials. WMMA is a non-profit organization but we must offset our Administration costs.

How long does it take to get my credentials?
We will usually process the request with 3-15 days. Mail delivery time will vary according to your geographic location.

Are there any renewal fees to keep my “ACTIVE” status?
YES... Please visit our website at: to see all the required annual renewal fees to remain in “active” status!

Can my license and or ordination ever be revoked?
Your license and or ordination can only be revoked or removed by WMMA. We WILL remove anyone who does not minister the Bible as God's Word, maintain godly integrity or who does not minister Jesus Christ as the only savior of mankind. No Ministry outside of biblical Christianity is acceptable.

Is my personal information kept confidential?
YES…We will not give out your contact information without your approval. We will allow other ministers within WMMA to contact you. We will NEVER give out information for name lists or mailing lists.

Once ordained, what title may I use with my name?
You may use any standard title that you choose. Reverend, Pastor, Evangelist, etc…

Will I be able to ordain others into my new ministry?
We recommend that you incorporate your church or ministry and file the documents with your local state office.  This will assure that you are a legal ministry.  Also obtain a (covered/independent chartered church or ministry) through WMMA to validate your affiliation and accountability with a creditable organization.

Am I required to make any donations to WMMA?
According to the Scriptures, tithes should be used for the support of the active ministry or church. We do not require that those who hold ministerial credentials to tithe to the fellowship unless you do not have a spiritual covering and have taken full Apostolic covering under WMMA. We do expect member support offerings from all members who hold credentials under WMMA.  Please see the following webpage "links” for more information: