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  • Full Apostolic Covering
  • Special Blog site exlcusively for covered chartered members
  • Monthly ministry gift, message or word of encouragement from the Founder
  • Special email address  and chatroom for prayer, counsel and encouragment 


Each church or ministry who desires full spiritual apostolic covering under WMMA will have the ability to obtain and operate their own “School of Preparation.” The School will operate under a "Satellite Teaching & Testing Center" status and will offer a final diploma in Pastoral and Christian Counseling or Biblical Studies.


Benefits of operating a "School of Preparation"

  • The School can be used as a source of edification to their local church/ministry or to reach out to their community.
  • The School can also be used to generate support income or simply operate it as a free community service.


This status is for churches and ministries with an established charter or other covering who wish to remain out from under covering but wish to be in association and unity with WMMA.

  • You will receive a Charter from WMMA listing your ministry on the Worldwide Registry of WMMA
  • Access to  a special Ministerial Fellowship Forum to network with members worldwide




Charter Benefits