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We Provide:
  • COVERED CHARTERS - Full Apostolic Covering
*Note - You MUST be a ordained minister of WMMA to apply for a Church or Ministry Charter. All Charters will be recorded in our WMMA Global Registry.

Please complete all information required below. The review, consideration, and processing procedure will vary. Please allow 5-7 days (USA) and up to 2-3 weeks (International). Applicable fees are DUE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION.  In the unlikely case that your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund of all fees rendered.


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Describe the Type of Ministry:
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If you are not the Senior Pastor or Co-Pastor, please explain your position:
I do understand that I must be a ordained minister of WMMA to apply for a Church or Ministry Charter. All Charters will be recorded in our WMMA Global Registry.
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