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The annual clergy report is required of all ministers of the World Missions Ministerial Association (WMMA) including Ordained, Licensed, Chartered and Membership ONLY status.
This report must be submitted each year in order to remain in good standing and to remain an "ACTIVE" member of WMMA.
If assistance is needed please contact the Administration Division at:

Your Ministry Classification:
Is your ministry chartered under WMMA? Please select:
Your Region:
Your ID Number:
Date of Membership:
Ministry Title:
Full Name:
Your Ministry Name:
Postal Address:
City/State/Zip Code:
Country or Nation:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Are Your Credentials, Annual Renewal and Member Support Offerings Current? If no, please explain:
Please give a brief report of the past year's ministry activities:
Has your Marital Status changed in the last year? If yes, please explain:
What are your ministry goals for the coming year?
What do you feel your minstry could do to support the overall vision of WMMA this coming year?
Are you affiliated with any other organization? If yes, please include the name and address:
I have read and agree with the Kingdom Support Commitment:
Please Check To Reaffirm Your Commitment to the Association Cause, Statement of Faith and Code of Ethics:
MEMBER SUPPORT STATEMENT: As a member you must realize that it will take the support of the entire membership to carry the vision. The process of tithing, annual renewal fees and member support offerings will help us to "TOUCH NATIONS AND EVANGELIZE THE WORLD." Please check to indicate your willingness to support the vision:
LEGAL STATEMENT: WMMA does not assume legal responsibility for it's membership. However, all members are accountable to the Alliance and credentials are subject to being revoked in the event an investigation finds a member involved in ungodly and non-Biblical practices. All ordained, licensed and member ministries are required to send an Annual Clergy Report to the Association. Please check if you agree with the statement above?
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