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World Missions Ministerial Association
"Touching Nations and Evangelizing the World"
World Missions Ministerial Association (WMMA) is a global apostolic-prophetic network established under the corporate umbrella of Veronica Johnson MinistriesWMMA is also a registered society in Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa).
We provide spiritual covering, credentials and kingdom relationships to Churches, Ministers, Ministries, Schools and Networks.  We are also progressively moving towards humanitarian efforts and economic development in the USA and around the world.



WMMA mission is to further the cause of Christ and develop a means for that cause to be fulfilled through each member.

1.  To Care for Leaders: Nurturing and Pastoral Care
Pastors and ministers have needs just as every other growing believer in the church does. Those who invest their lives in caring for others in the local church also need a pastor and the care given by spiritual shepherds. By nurturing, WMMA is structured to promote healthy relationships and provide spiritual covering. For Pastors, we provide spiritual mentoring, counsel, encouragement, wisdom, and godly support.
Many leaders are crying out for practical ways to be accountable in their lives and ministries.  While there are many beneficial methods for accountability to occur, we believe that this alliance can provide mutual accountability through covenant relationships. 
Often leaders are overworked, abused, and overcome by the pressures of ministry and the wounds of people. Ministry designed to restore leaders to lives of wholeness is a mission of WMMA. We will provide Bible-based restoration for spiritual leaders who have fallen into sin or immoral behavior with the passion to see them fully and completely restored.
2.  Church Growth
A healthy church will GROW!  Therefore, we are striving to provide churches and their spiritual leadership with every available resource to increase the fivefold ministry gifts within their congregations and ministries that will promote strength and unity. Biblical courses of study and other resources through WMMA will be made available to leaders and churches to assess, evaluate, and advise ministries.  We will work with our members to promote "Kingdom Building" churches and ministries.
3.  Networking Ministries: Relationships
Ministers and church leaders have the same need for fellowship on a spiritually mature level as do other believers, but it is often difficult to network on a local level.  A network of spiritual leaders is the perfect avenue for wholesome relationships to be established.   WMMA goal is to bring churches and ministries together in a spirit of fellowship and unity. The vision of WMMA is to bring people together of all races and Christian cultures through the Network fellowship conferences, crusades and regional meetings to network and share in cooperative efforts. We believe that the Internet will be a powerful tool of ministry to build relationships and networking. Through the WMMA website we will provide our associates with ministry resources, interactive forums and other avenues of ministry of support. 
Apostolic Prophetic Network
Fitly joined and committed to the fulfillment of the GREAT COMMISSION and the GREAT COMMANDMENT through unified efforts involving networking of resources, ideas, proven avenue of ministry and strategic planning both nationally and internationally within the association empowers our worldwide apostolic prophetic network of churches, ministries and church workers to "Touch Nations and Evangelize the World!"
Placement Services
Assisting ministers and leaders to find God-ordained ministry positions and opportunities within the association will build WMMA and strengthen the body of Christ.
Evangelists Network
Assisting Evangelists with ministry opportunities through covenant relationships and networking among pastors, churches and ministries.
4.  Leadership Development: Seminars
Seminars on topics that help spiritual leaders to develop and be more effective in ministry will be available. These meetings will serve as excellent resources for the ministries staff and lay leaders and will result in skills of ministry excellence.
Empowerment Conferences, Crusades and Retreats
Annual conferences, crusades and retreats will provide opportunities for renewal, skill-enhancements, and bonding between the association.  WMMA leaders and other renowned speakers will provide life-changing ministry.
Internet and Distant Learning Bible School Satellite Training Facilities
It is our goal to provide sound Biblical instruction for advancement and excellence in ministry.  We are committed to "Touching Nations and Evangelizing the World" by equipping and training men and women called into the Gospel ministry to serve in EXCELLENCE in their area of ministry, such as Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Missionary, Church Administration, Church Educator, Church Counselor and Church Worker.
5.  Uphold Biblical Standards and Values: Gifts Ministry
The operation of the fivefold ministry gifts described in Ephesians 4:11 is imperative for spiritual maturity.  Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers are essential for equipping God's people for the work of ministry. 
Apostolic Team Ministry
We believe that Apostolic teams are the right approach to ministry. We are committed to the success of one another and place a higher value on team accomplishments than on individual accomplishments.
Strategic Intercessory Prayer 
WMMA is committed to upholding the alliance through strategic prayer.
Covenant Relationship Based Ministry
We consider healthy, authentic kingdom relationships to be indispensable for spiritual leaders.  Our network will be based on the foundation of interpersonal relationships that the Holy Spirit inspires and nurtures.  We maintain that an effective organization must emerge from personal relationships.  We will encourage the practical relational designs of mentoring, coaching and discipleship.
Character & Integrity
We recognize servant leadership, integrity, and a godly character as the standard for all ministry and leadership. We believe that while talents and gifts are useful, they must function from a foundation of godly character and a desire to live consecrated lives. 
Humanitarian Efforts and Economic Development
We endeavor to not only provide spiritual covering, encouragement, counsel, accountability and godly support, but to also provide humanitarian aid or support (e.g. provision of food, shelter, medical relief, disaster relief) economic development and training for these services.


Contributions and Donations

We do ask that those who hold credentials to remit a monthly "free will" member support offering to help cover the costs of administration, missions, resources and member support efforts. If your church or ministry have taken full Apostolic Covering under WMMA support through tithing and or offerings are expected. We do ask that those who tithe to the fellowship to submit a minimum of 5% or a monthly support offering.  It is both biblical and of necessity.  This does not replace your obligation to support your local church or ministry.
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