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  • World Missions Ministerial Association (WMMA) is a global Apostolic Prophetic Network of Pastors, Churches and Five-Fold Ministers established under the corporate umbrella of Veronica Johnson Ministries. WMMA is also a registered society in Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa).
  • WMMA provides godly support to churches and ministries led to accept full apostolic prophetic covering through structured and strategic avenues of ministry resources and member support offerings.
  • WMMA provides independent church charters, ordination, licensing and church worker certification for ministries and churches who desire to be associated with our Apostolic Prophetic Network.
  • WMMA is autonomous in that we grant independent licensure and charters apart from Veronica Johnson Ministries.
  • New Covenant International Bible College (NCIBC), formerly World Missions School of Preparation, a Biblical Institute of Instruction, Advancement & Excellence is the Internet and Distant Learning Bible Institute in affiliation with WMMA.
  • The Institute is a Christian Educator operating under the foreign corporate umbrella of New Covenant International (NCI) Columbia, SC, also founded and established by Apostle Dr. Veronica a. Johnson.
  • New Covenant International Bible College (NCIBC) is an autonomous entity in that it will never discriminate and all students who wish to attend may do so freely.   
  • Through this affiliation, "covered" chartered members of WMMA are given the opportunity to operate Satellite Teaching & Testing Centers called, "School of Preparation" in compliance with the NCIBC procedures and criteria. The Schools will offer a final diploma in Pastoral and Christian Counseling or Biblical Studies. The NCIBC will provide all training materials and issue diplomas. 
  • The School can be used as a source of edification to the local church/ministry or to reach out to their community. The School can also be used to generate support income or simply operate it as a free community service.
  • We acknowledge the licensed and ordained ministers and members, who are recognized as "covered" Chartered churches and “independently” chartered churches of WMMA as fellow servants united for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  We recognize our affiliates as credible representatives of WMMA and its mission to “Touch Nations and Evangelizing the World!"
  • WMMA claims no ecclesiastical authority over its affiliates. WMMA is established to empower those called to minister and has no intentions to bind any affiliated Church or ministry association.  We feel all affiliates should be free to exercise their callings.  However, we believe in the principle of accountability therefore we are fully committed to upholding standards of Christian character, moral ethics and will not compromise the integrity and mission of our fellowship.
  • The sole purpose of WMMA is to serve as a spiritual covering and provide a means of fellowship, mentoring, encouragement, counsel and godly support.  We are a Non Denomination, Christ-centered; Bible-believing and Faith ministry.  All those who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, the Bible is the infallible Word of God, give testimony of a spiritual experience (baptism of Water and Holy Spirit), adapt the New Testament teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, live godly lives and who present themselves for membership or affiliation are welcomed.
  • We do not profess to be, New-Day Pharisees or Legalist.  We only require that you maintain proper records as required by the IRS to ensure financial integrity. All funds received and properties of each Chartered Church or ministry affiliate belong solely to that ministry. WMMA is not liable for any indebtedness of any of our Affiliates/Associates.
  • The officers, licensed and ordained ministers, members, “Covered” and “Independent” chartered churches and ministry affiliates and associates of WMMA are all, morally and financially accountable to God, this Ministerial Fellowship and to the IRS, and must file all necessary paperwork as required by law.
  • We are ALL accountable to God, the Body of Christ, and all the laws that govern the land. We will never now or at any time tolerate mishandling in funds or fraud, immoral behavior and any other intentional actions that will damage the credibility and reputation of the fellowship.  Any proven actions shall be grounds for dismissal from the fellowship.