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"Touching Nations and Evangelizing the World"


It is our mission and goal to fulfill our apostolic prophetic mandate to operate as a ministry without walls, touching nations and evangelizing the world.  We endeavor to not only provide spiritual covering, encouragement, counsel, accountability and godly support but to also provide humanitarian aid or support (e.g. provision of food, shelter, medical relief and disaster relief), economic development and training for these services.  We exist to be an "apostolic - prophetic" expression of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.  The mandate is to bring Reformation, Restoration and Reconciliation to the Body of Christ.
We provide avenues to use the knowledge and experience of others to better enhance your own ministry.  This Apostolic-Prophetic network exists to build fellowship and kingdom relationships by bringing pastors, ministries and churches together to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Spiritual Covering and Accountability
  • Bible College and School of Prophets
  • Equipping through empowerment conferences-crusades and network meetings that teach, mentor, activate and impart
  • Leadership development and advancement
  • Covenant relationships
  • Ministry Ordination and Licensing
  • Identification and validation of individual ministry gifts
  • Resources to enhance ministerial skills and challenge you to walk in the God-given destiny for your life
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Economic Development

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WMMA uses a networking strategy working collaboratively with various organizations to accomplish specialized ministry tasks and evangelism on a larger national and international scale. In collaboration with the NCI BIBLE COLLEGE an accredited Bible Institute the following is offered to equip and train those desiring instruction, advancement and excellence in ministry:
  • Associate, Bachelor and  Master Degrees
  • Doctoral, Ph.D, and Honorary Degrees
  • Diplomas and Certificates
We are committed to the "GREAT COMMISSION" in being active in missions work, both foreign and domestic. WMMA has many foreign members as part of its association.

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